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Alteration and Addition and Construction Business

We carry out alteration and addition and construction business in Hong Kong through Kin Shing, a general building contractor, which was acquired by us in October 2010.

About Kin Shing:

  • Registered specialist contractor in the sub-registers of foundation works and site formation works under the Buildings Department
  • Registered general building contractor under the Buildings Department
  • On the list of approved contractors for public works of the Development Bureau in the category of buildings (Group C on probation).

Our responsibilities for alteration and addition works primarily consist of:

  • Demolition, alteration, upgrading and fitting-out works, changes in facilities configuration
  • Fabrication, modification, removal as well as installation of hardware and equipment
  • Signs
  • Erection, relocation as well as removal of partitions, doors, and windows
  • Changes in type of finishes and flooring materials
  • Other works that upgrade the general condition of buildings and their facilities.

Our responsibilities for construction works primarily consist of:

  • Overall building construction including foundation works, alteration and addition works and project management
  • Supplying or procuring the supply of materials and where necessary, engagement of subcontractors
  • Monitoring the works to ensure they are in accordance with the contract specification and customer’s requirements
  • Liaising with various professional parties to ensure the project is on schedule.